Van Buren Community Art Project

A promotional continuation of 2016’s Van Buren community art project. This piece premiered in Keosauqua, Iowa, as an opening dedication to the art structure. 

Produced by Shelby Cain, Olivia Sun
Filmed and edited by Olivia Sun
Special thanks to Mel Stockwell, Matt Harris, Leslie Finer

Faking It

“Faking It” (2016) is a micro-look at the fake ID trend at the University of Iowa, where high-risk drinking rates are 50% among undergraduates. Created for JMC 3470. 

Passing Tradition

“Passing Tradition” (2016) 

This piece illustrates a sense of pride in those that work a family farm and who pass through that country in Keosauqua, Iowa. Despite the sparse and aging population, tourists travel to and from the flyover “state”. Lesser-known is the story of the sacrifice that is often made to carry on a farm family tradition, to steward the land and to help feed the world. Created for CINE 2866. 

University of Iowa | Class of ‘16

Featured in the University of Iowa’s second annual Senior Week, this production premiered at Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City, as a tribute to graduating seniors of May 2016.

Produced by Hanna Beary, Kaleigh Hollister, Rachel Hulme
Filmed and edited by Olivia Sun
Special thanks to Robert Hart, Alisa Hrustic, Adriana Lopez, Jacob Murphy, Kurby Velez, Mark Zhu 

Remind Me Later

“Remind Me Later” (2015) is a minute-long commentary on technology-based distractions in our worlds. ”Remind” is constructed with a separately-recorded audio track. Created for CINE 1834.


Au Courant (2012) is a piece entered in the PTA Reflections program under the theme ”Magic of a Moment”. Au Courant, among all entries from participating secondary schools, won 1st Place in Iowa and an Honorable Mention in the United States.

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